Cake brief introduction

Cake in the United Kingdom known as the Cake, France called Gateau, Germany, and Austria and other countries called Torte is a kind of, cake is a big family!

Soft such as: cakes, Genoise Sponge Cake sponge Torte, cream cakes at home are in this category.

Fruits such as Orange Gateau Orange cake, banana cake, Banana Cake Apple Cake Apple Cake, Christmas cake, Christmas Cake, such as Carrot Cake and carrot cake.

Taste more like Chocolate Cake lemon Madeira cake, chocolate cake, lemon Madeira Cake Bluberry Chees

E Cake Blueberry cheese cake.

French cake Mousse Gateau mousse cake.

Germany's cheese cake: Viennese Vienna Quark Quark Torte cake, Black Forest Gateau Opera cake