Cake values

United States a cake designer says: for me most of the cost is labor, make a cake for 150 people, meeting new people, baking cakes, engraving to assemble and decorate cake I need 25-40 hours. Cake 2: realistic when you start to see cake photos, realistic as possible, it may be beyond your economic strength. Sometimes the couple want to make a cake as they have seen in a magazine, but they don't know that 100 Yuan a piece. At 25 Yuan price making the same cake, it's not gonna happen. Published in the magazine must find out if the cake, is a brand of cake.

3: the sugar price next to talk about icing it as good as a cake, is a general term for nouns. Handmade dough is much more expensive than butter cream icing. Mainly because it contains a lot of labor. Dough icing is very special, because it is a labour-intensive products.

4: cream butter does not mean low quality. You can transform a variety of different styles with cream, and easy. Cream cake shape to achieve a smooth effect.