Classification of cake flavors

Cake based on the use of material, adjusting the mixing method and surface paste properties can be classified into three broad categories.

① batter-type cake: grease amount up to about 60% of flour in the recipe, used to lubricate the batter, soft tissue, and helped stir the batter from the mixing of merging a lot of air to produce a leavening effect. Cream cakes, puddings, cakes in general fall into this category.

② foam type of cake: recipe features is the main raw material for the eggs and does not contain any solid fat. Use strong and denaturation of proteins in the egg, stir in cake mix and bake the batter leavened. According to the egg protein can be divided into single proteins (such as Angel food cake) and use the whole egg sponge (such as sponge cakes).

③ chiffon type cakes: mix class and foam two batter batter, change the milk foam type of organization.