Open a bakery cake shop in Hangzhou joining an experience sharing

Shop size

How much money you have, how much time can support, you know, started doing business are running at a loss or a small profit. You get 3 months does not make money ready. Because early belonged to develop new markets, consolidating customer base, rich product line stage, you have to develop loyal customers, rich products, started their own brand, so input at this stage is a lot of, but also the most hard stage, whether it's store location, renovation, hiring, marketing needs.

Establish the brand

First look at how awareness of your brand, what is positioned in the levels and age groups, are white-collar workers, housewives, was a child, this depends on your own awareness, brand strategies of the different objects taken are different. White-collar workers, you can locate in the delicate, elegant, classy and housewife, you can locate in good, cheap, large, affordable child and you can locate in cheaper, tastes, many tricks, and more