Open a cake shop in Wuhan to join how to sell cakes

A friend, opening a cake shop, business is fire, he gave me it summarizes two experiences he said cake shop, taste is about the same, the key lies in the brand's operations, brand operations, the key is to look at the popularity of his boss, boss's popularity is reflected in employee and boss's friend.

He said he on welcome bin Member has a requirements, that is guest to has yihou, call are to variable, into I, for example and guest said, our is who birthday Ah? several people eat Ah, is elderly also is children Ah? don't to other recommended most your of, but recommended most right of, if other is 2 a people eat, so will recommended a small of, do don't let other waste, let other think this welcome bin member is he of people, this like other consumption of on very of happy.

Experience: marketing operations, when not to sell us the most profitable, but to sell customers the most suitable.