Practice cake

1, in a large bowl, internally covered with cling film, to the Bowl completely. Lay a layer of plastic wrap and cut into two halves of strawberries, remaining chopped strawberries back;

2, pour the cream into a large bowl (preferably a shatterproof, such as stainless steel or enamel Bowl), add a little sugar, whisk until cream is thin gruel; crushed strawberries, continued to lift the whisk stir whipping cream after falling level of Strawberry mousse cake making (11)

3, put gelatin in a small bowl, add 80 ℃ hot water, stir until slightly cooled, pour the cream mix, the mousse filling;

4, mousse filling mixture into prepared Bowl, cover on top of mousse filling cake oven, light pressure with your hands, make the mousse filling and the cake slab laminate

5, refrigerate for 2 hours or more, remove the Bowl upside down, make the cake out, and tore off the surface of the film can be.