Shenzhen bakery shop to join specific processes

Cake businesses there are three modes, a single selling cakes. This is the least money management, venture capital is about 50,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan for things like rent and decoration expenses, 30,000 yuan to purchase and daily expenses. This business model, investors without considering the production of the cake, but there is one more thing to note, you must select the guaranteed quality, reputable manufacturers purchase, or you might hit his own specialty.

Second, selling cakes sold bread and sell freshly baked pastries. This form of venture capital at about 80,000 yuan. Except for things like rent, decoration fee, investors need to buy their own equipment, of course, according to the different requirements of the manufacturer, select the installments or a lump-sum payment. From the current market situation, baking equipment for use by shop prices are not very high, smaller ovens cost 200-500 million.

Open a cake stores in Shenzhen, guarantees the success of many factors for entrepreneurs to do a comprehensive preparatory work, this is every entrepreneur a guarantee of success.