Sweet story

The cake is sweet, the cake is happy, cake is also happy, different cakes, represents a different mood and meaning. Birthdays, love, weddings, in such an important moment in life, of course, are looking to family and friends or lovers and friends, colleagues and classmates to share, become memorable moments of life gathered in memory. Birthday, to become "brittle" birth day is each person each year to celebrate the big day. Starred, male or female, old or young, received birthday cakes are always fun. "A ' brittle ' moment" is designed specifically for the birthday of "crunchy" cake. The brittle is chocolate crispy rice, crisp is nuts, even fruits such as mangoes, strawberries, red bayberries are crisp, served with creamy mousse, distinct crisp flavor. White, simple possession "novelty" requirement for love is simple: look ordinary, meaningful. For the couples to create three cakes, not only eye candy, fruit weight, and have different nutritional benefits into one room warm and loving.

Gold Green Kiwi Kiwi and purslane and three lovers cake sustenance of the three kinds of love, respectively. "True love" cake studded with green kiwifruit, small tomato, peach, coconut and mango cake Baker says, this is selected the dietary fiber-rich, can enhance the digestion of fruits, the Lady plays a role in slimming. If you are sent to do paperwork or computer often, she "loved" is most suited, yellow and green kiwi people full of vitality, apples, tomatoes are rich in organic acids, can promote the absorption of vitamin c in fruit are better, hope she has a skin cream. "Love" is a picture of "take you to the meteor shower" and the romantic picture, in addition to the Kiwi, as well as Chinese wolfberry, almonds, raw materials of different colors such as chocolate, Eun-June, with a proposal.