The origins of the cake

First cake is made out of a few simple materials,

These cakes is a symbol of ancient religious myths and superstitions miracles. Early trade routes to exotic spices imported from the far East to North, nuts, toilet water, citrus fruit imported from the Middle East, dates and figs, sugar cane imported from the countries of East and South.

In the European dark ages, only monks and nobles can have these exotic raw materials, while their pastry creations are honey gingerbread and flat hard cracker or something like that. Slowly, with the frequent trade with Western eating habits are radically change.

From the crusade soldiers returning home and Arab businessmen, spreading the use of spices and recipes in the Middle East. In the main commercial center of Central Europe, baking master Association was organized. At the end of the century, widely used rich spice has been all over Europe, also enhanced the imaginative cakes baking technology. Wait until the nuts and sugar when the pandemic, also followed the popular marzipan mud, this is with carved relief mold baking marzipan mud out, although mold patterns are associated with religious sermons.

The cake originated in the West, then they gradually spread in China.