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One point one considers the truly great cakes should be subject to four conditions:

No added colors, flavors, preservatives, we promise not to add colors, flavors, or preservatives! One point one food nature colors, food natural healthy flavor.

All above ingredients selection of world class raw materials 90% materials are imported raw materials, for example, we use France law Fu na chocolates, France President-light cream, Italy horse kapeng cheese, Switzerland hero Custard Cream powder and the United States broken hazelnut, almond, etc, all pastry top, all the objects we buy.

All cake cream butter, never use artificial whipped the market most cakes use whipped topping. Whipped in its composition have no dairy ingredients are vegetable fats and vegetable protein as main components, add emulsifiers, stabilizers, protein, sugar, salt, colors, flavors and other accessories, a cream imitation by special processing.

One point one creamy butter. Cream butter is derived from milk cream, like cheese, rich in nutrients. Although the preservation conditions of high and difficult to style, even enjoy temperatures are very harsh.