When Cake Was Born

Now used in English "cake" Word around United Kingdom occurred during 13th century, derived from the old Norse "Kaka". Cake's original title is "sweet bread", ancient Roman recipes recorded the "sweet bread" approach. But is said to have made the first cake was Egypt, and many tomb murals excavated to prove this point. Of course, there was the "cake" is not the way I am, mostly just adding honey bread, but not everyone can enjoy the food. Around 10th century after sugar become a flow of trade in goods with the Exchange to enter Italy, "cake" slowly move closer to the now look. The Frenchman laid the Foundation of modern cake, in 13th century, almonds are used when making fruit pies, 17th century joined the recipe of making the eggs, cream cakes became fashion. 19th century emergence of the baking soda and baking powder, the baking industry rapid development, card, shape, and flavor of the cake are great changes have taken place.